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Legal Declaration

Data protection

Bo18 Hotel***Superior and the operator of the website, Budapestinside Kft. hereby declare that they respect all personal data and handle them confidentially. The obtained personal information are not made available to third persons under any circumstances, they are used exclusively for our purposes, in order to serve our clients the best possible way.

We inform you that data providing on our website is in all cases voluntary. 
If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us through email (info> or via the phone number (06-1)-468-35-26.


When accessing any pages of the website you accept the below conditions, even if you are not a registered user or client of any services of the website.   
The content of the website (’site’) constitutes the intellectual property of Budapestinside Kft.

Budapestinside Kft. reserves all rights in relation to the copying and distribution of any parts of the site by way of any methods or techniques. The content and design of the pages belonging to the site are protected by international and Hungarian laws.

Without the prior written consent of Budapestinside Kft. it is prohibited to process and sell the entirety or parts of the site (text, graphics, photo, audio- or video materials, data structure, proceeding, program etc.). Certain parts of the site’s content may be saved to your hard disk or they may be printed, however, you are still not entitled to further use, distribute, store in database, make it available for downloading or place on the market the parts of the site you had copied this way. 

The pages of are entirely, together with the advertisements and commercials, under copyright protection, therefore it is prohibited to cut any parts from the pages and retransmit them to the public in any ways. It is furthermore prohibited without the prior written consent of Budapestinside Kft. to reflect the content of the site, which means retransmission to the public with technical operation, even in an unaltered form.  

The unauthorised usage entails criminal and civil law sanctions. Budapestinside Kft. may claim the termination of the infringement and the reimbursement of the suffered damages.

Information from the site may only be transferred with reference to the site, with the condition that the transferor 
a) does not modify the original information,
b) always places an unambiguous reference to the site in case of every publication of the information.
The domain  and the name "bo18hotel" are under copyright protection, they are protected by trademark rights, and their usage is only permitted with the prior and express consent of Budapestinside Kft., except for references. 

Budapestinside Kft. pursues to publish exact and authentic information, however, it excludes its liability for any possible damages arising out of providing information.  

Laws, decrees:
Government decree No. 151/2003. (IX. 22.) on the obligatory guarantee in respect of consumer durables
Act No. LXIII. of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of data serving public interest
Government decree No. 17/1999. (II. 5.) on distance contracts



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